Will This Hid Kit Fit My Car?

It’s for a 2005 nissan Altima 2.5. Could I just get a yes or no? VS someone giving me links to other websites. Thanks.

Hid Start Up Time Too Slow For High Beam?

Im thinking of purchasing an aftermarket HID conversion kit for my low beam and high beam. My car is such where low beam and high beam do not share a bulb, meaning i will have to buy 2 sets of conversion kits.

My question would be, considering the slow start up time it requires for HID to reach full brightness, will it be inappropriate to fix it for my high beam ? or is there any way to speed up the start up time?

Hid High Beams And Low Beams Problem?

i have a HID kit installed in my truck (high beam, low beam same bulb). the low beam is HID but the high beam is still the halogen. can i buy any bi-xenon HID bulb and have it still work with the ballast as long as its the same bulb type (like H11, H13…..)

2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse Headlights?

i would like some detailed help on which headlights to choose for my gt, i looking for smoked sonars or projectors. i want them in black with a hid kit 4300. if not hid, its ok too. i just want some details on which ones are good, and good prices too. if u want u can post ebay links. thanks in advance.

Retro Fitting 12000k Hids?

i want to put 12000k (or any HIDS for that matter) on my Chevy Silverado. i know that you can just get the HID kits which are plug and play basically. and you wold have the xenon bulb in you stock headlights but i heard thats not good because it throws light everywhere blinds other drivers and it not that much better then your stock lights. i know you need to get projector headlights for none of that to happen. but ive also heard about another thing you can do which is called retro fitting. i wanna know how and what that is before i move foward???

Where Can I Buy Hid Headlight Kit For Cheap?

Are The Hid Kits Any Good?

I have a 03 S10 Xtreme and I’m looking to install some decent HIDs in my halos. I want to put HIDs in my highs, lows, and fogs. I know I need 9006 for lows, 9005 for highs, 880 for fogs. Please let me know if these are any good or if you know of somewhere that I can get good quality HIDs for a decent price.

How Do I Change My Headlights From Halogen To Real Hid (not Illegal Conversion Kit) For My 97 Cadillac Catera?

I wish to attain the luxury look that luxury vehicles have for there stock HID headlights. My stock headlights are halogen. Would I have to replace the whole headlamp? Is there a good website or company that sells this? AGAIN I do not want the conversion kit where you only change out the bulb….

Audi Headlights Compatible?

Ok, I bought a 2000 Audi A6 2.7LT a little over a year ago, the previous owner had low grade HID headlight kits installed, I instantly noticed after buying the car that moisture was leaking into the housing and fogging it up. I’ve since changed bulbs once for both sides when one blew out, and then again for the passenger side. Each time the charges were outrageous as for some reason, my headlights are a pain in the a** to get to. I’ve found some new Xenon housings and bulbs on EBay, but don’t know if they are compatible with my car and don’t want to purchase without that knowledge. I really like the angel eye look, but just don’t know what to do. Also, I can’t contact the seller to discuss details and it’s very frustrating. Here is the description of the lights: D2S XENON MODEL 97-01 AUDI A6 BLACK ANGEL HID HEADLIGHT. I just want to get this fixed relatively inexpensively (an oxymoron I know), so I’m not dropping a couple hundred bucks every 4-6 months when a bulb blows. Any help and/or advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you sooooo much. I’ll also include the link so you can see the product as well.

Once again, thank you so much for any help you can give.

I Want To Install Hid Headlights In My Truck?

I am not sure what is legal or illegal on-line. I found an auction on EBAY that I would like to purchase but am not sure if I can use it.

Can anyone identify whether this is legit or not?