HID Kit review and comparison

Our team has tested and reviewed over 2 dozens different types of HID kits available on the US market. Here is our take on what’s the best out there.

We looked at the following factors:

(1) Compatibility with original vehicle lighting system

(2) Ease of installation

(3) Strength of the warranty

(4) Pricing (factoring in shipping and handling)

(5) Shipping speed

(6) Customer service quality

(7) Technical quality of the ballasts and bulbs (digital ballast, slim or regular, 35W or 55W)

(8) Available colors, options (wiring harness, extra warranty, bulb out modules and error cancellers)

(9) Overall reliability of the company

The winners we selected were the Ultimate HID Kits from www.ultimatehidkits.com

They excelled in pretty much all categories. This is why we awarded them our #1 spot for our 2011 HID Kit Showdown.

Some details on why we ranked them #1:

– Construction quality is outstanding. Bulbs are great, perfectly aligned with the bases (unlike some other brands). Ballasts are fully digital and appear very solid. (*Please note we did not perform destructive test*). We tested the output with external testing equipment and it was superior to most other brands.

– Installation was a breeze. Basically a true plug and play kit. That’s refreshing when compared with kits that require cutting/splicing of your car’s wiring harness!

– The warranty is out of this world. 15 years! It is true, a few others do offer a lifetime warranty but our subscribers mentioned several cases where the so-called “lifetime” warranty of lesser companies was denied. We have tested Ultimate HID Kit’s warranty (thank you covert agent 🙂 ) and it is legit.

– Pricing is good, on the low side. Definitely not the lowest but still reasonable, especially when you look at the price of upgrades being really reasonable and absolutely free shipping most of the time. At least there are no hidden fees.

– Shipping was the next day. Some of our users said they got same day shipping, others had to wait for backorders. We gave it a 7/10.

– Customer service was great. We dealt with Mike and Alex. Great guys. Always kept us in the loop. Definitely deserves a 10/10. We got replies to our emails within 45 minutes everytime. Not bad at all.

– Overall, we felt good ordering from Ultimate HID Kit. We trusted them which is an important thing when ordering online.

Keep an eye out for a full review of the contenders. Coming soon.

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